Savana Folio

When Stamperia released the Savana collection early 2022 I knew that this was a collection that I needed. When Urban Scrapbook reached out to me for a collaboration using this collection I just couldn’t refuse.

A few months later than originally planned the project is here! And just like I suspected it was an amazing collection to work with and I fell in love with the color scheme that it has to offer.

Of Course the first paper that I went for on the inside was the beautiful grey/green pattern from the Background selections. This paper and the stone brown/cream paper where my absolute favorites to combine with the more busy pattern in the collection. It gave me an earthy vibe. In my stash I found some rope that I felt combined perfect with the collection and the feel I went for so I added this as decoration.

In the middle section we will find the folio part of the album. I bulked it up pretty much. My album holds 40+ photos in different sizes.

On the inside of the flaps you will find a waterfall element that can hold some smaller photos. This time I added the photos on top of the patterned paper, this creates some extra bulk so I only did this to one side of the flap.

The collection puts the spotlight om some of the most famous animals you can find on the African Savana. Throughout the folio I highlighted one of them starting with the giraffe.

The paper collection holds these beautiful papers of the animals in there surroundings, I decided to cut a photo spot in the paper and keep the animal intact so we can still enjoy the paper after placing the photo and we reduce the bulk by not placing the photo on top.

This is an technique that I’ve used several times. In the decorating (process) videos I show you how to achieve this.

On the backcover I had a change of plans, during decorating I changed this element so I had the perfect spot for this image of the zebra family.

On the bottom section of the album I created an interactive element. I created an acetate window to highlight the cheetah, my daughters favorite animal, with two side pockets to hold some photos.

This element gives a fun feature to the project and can hold quite some photos. With an easy closure I made sure it stays in place when I close the album.

Just because I have so many photos of this folio I just give you a few more:

If you are interested in making this folio you can head over to the Urban Scrapbook online store to purchase your online class.

You can watch the full project share video of this project on my YT channel.

I hope you enjoyed the project! Have a crafty week and stay tuned because there is more to come soon!