“Klimt” Folio

In collaboration with “Urban scrapbook” in Edmonton Alberta, I designed this new folio with the Stamperia Klimt collection.

After receiving this collection I wasn’t to sure as to what to create with it. It is so different from the collections that I normally choose. Al I new is that I needed large areas for the images and with that I thought a folio might be the best way to go.

I love the “tree of life” images in this collection and when I saw that there was a wooden chip of it I definitely wanted to try to incorporate it in the cover. And that turned out pretty well. I went for a square shaped album since the wooden chip is also square, and combined it with one paper from the background selections. A simple yet elegant cover was created.

For the inside I new I needed large areas for patterned paper and I wanted to make sure that I could use those areas without permanently covering the patterned paper. So the idea of using lots of pockets and belly bands was born.

I started playing with different sizes of pockets on top of each other and of setting elements on the page so images on the patterned paper would not be covered by them. In addition the pockets and belly bands can be used to keep flaps etc. in place without the use of magnets.

When it came to the decorating I started with selecting the places for the large images and added other papers to that. I was so happy with how I was able to keep the 12×12″ image of the tree of life visible for 90% by cutting it up and place it over the whole spread.

The left image above was the paper that inspired me to of sett elements on the page. I realized if I keep everything more to the left on the page I have enough room on the right side to keep here visible. What I really love about this folio is at first sight it might look like a complicated design but the truth is, its not. I only used “basic” elements to create different layers and interest. So it was more about the placement of the elements and not so much about the element itself.

I am very happy with how this album turned out and love this collection even more after seeing this project finished than I did when I got it.

If you would like to create this folio you can purchase this as an online class at “Urban Scrapbook” you can click here to go to there listing. To see a full walk through of the folio you can watch my project share on YT.