One page folio

With this folio I show you how you can create a cardstock cover for any page design that is build on a “tunnel” page base.

I had a page design that I originally designed for my recipe album, however it didn’t make the album. I really liked the design so I wanted to do something with it. That made me think of showing how you can create a cover from cardstock for a single page.

With some simple math, that you can apply to any page size, you can create a quick folio out of any “tunnel” page design. Since we create a hinge on the spine of the cover the page needs to be a “tunnel” page.

I do intend to show you an other option where we break up the page and build the page elements on the cover to create an actual folio, with that version you can really use any page design that you like.

You can download the cutting guide that contains the measurements for the page that I use and the written instructions on the math for your covers.