Waterfall album – for 8×8″ patterned papers

I asked, you responded, I delivered…..

After making the Sea dream waterfall album I asked if there was interest in a version for 8×8″ paper packs and I got a lot of response that you would like that. So here we are.

I used my 8×8″ paper pack from the Sir Vagabond in Japan collection that I had left over after making my large album and added the 8×8″ background papers form that same collection and recreated the album.

The design is the same as the original album. I came up with a different closure for the waterfall. Also since the waterfall element is shorter I changed the way it’s constructed a little bit.

I have a separate cutting guide for this version of the album. You can follow a large part of the original tutorial. You will find some notes in the cutting guide on changes in the construction and when to refer to the video of this version for constructing.