Heart & Home recipe album

Are you up to one more project in 2021?? What about the long promised recipe album? A recipe album with a bit of Scrap and Coffee flavor! It took me hours and more page designs then you want to know but eventually here we are….

Using the Heart & Home collection by Simple stories I finally got this project done! It has a great vintage feel and I took that a bit further with using kraft cardstock and ink the edges of the papers with distress ink Vintage photo.

I’ve designed 1 page style and added a “booklet” on top that can hold your recipe cards (or pictures). There are three different designs for the booklets. In the first booklet you will find a large divided pocket that can hold 4 cards/photos.

On the inside of the page I added quite a few elements where you can journal, place recipes or photos. By putting something in the bottom pocket of your stacked pocket you will hold all the elemts in place.

At the back of the page I made a large angled pocket to hold more recipes, that you might have found in a magazine or from the internet.

There are several places where the page is “blank” and that gives you the opportunity to play with your pattern paper. For example on the back of the second booklet I created a tuck space to hold some recipe cards or photos.

Where the yellow color in the collection scared me at first I later on embraced it and used it quite a lot. I love how it gives a pop of brightness and color in the album.

On the angled pocket at the back of page 2 I created a small tuck space with a strip of the wood grain paper. It gives me the opportunity to place a small card under the strip. The waterfall element in the third booklet turned out really nice, but it is a bit more bulky then the other two. This is a good thing to keep in mind when you make this version.

It took me almost a year to finally make and finish a recipe album but here it is all done! Just in time for the New Year. This collection really did it for me and I’m extremely happy with the end result.

Do you want to make this album? Work along with me by downloading your cutting guide via the button down below and follow along with the tutorials on my YT channel.