Vagabond in Japan Album

When Stamperia released the Vagabond in Japan collection I new I needed that collection just because it’s so pretty. At that time I was working on my Blossom album and I realized that the album and the collection would be a perfect match. So I decided to revisit the album and alternate it for a regular cover and decorate it with these beautiful papers, let me tell you this is a decision that I don’t regret!! This album turned out so amazing, even better than the original!

This album measures 9.25″ x 10.25″ and Can hold at least 80 photos.

Often the Stamperia collections have these amazing images that can be rather large. I don’t want to cover these up with photos. So in order to enjoy both the photo and the paper I like to create places/pockets to put photos in that I can take out. Combine that with the continuing matting and the results are amazing.

For both the Blossom album and this album I’ve been working on a new binding system. Actually my first use of it was in the wedding album but that only had 1 hinge…
This binding system makes for your pages to lay really flat and be functional. It is not complicated to construct this binding but it does require the use of Tyvek to strengthen the binding.

This version of the album has a few minor changes to the original album. Like the additional flap on page 1 is higher and smaller and the pocket on the inside is angled instead of straight. These minor changes in the design are in my opinion an improvement of the design.

The design of these papers are so incredible detailed and the colors are so vibrant. It was such a joy to create with these papers. I love the combination of the light and dark and the black and red.

The Geisha in the collection is so gorgeous, I used as much as I could without over doing it. The combination with the teal green makes for e feminine touch in the collection. And again the detail, like the gears in her hair are incredible.

Some of the elements in the album make that different layers are visible at the same time, this can make the decorating part challenging but fun. Like the page above I spent quite some time on finding the right combinations but eventually it all came together and the result is beautiful and also tricking the eye.

This album design is a bit different then a lot of other mini albums and for me that makes it so fun to work on and to create. After making it twice it still doesn’t bore me. You can watch the full project share on my YT channel.

The instructions for this album are added as a bonus to the blossom album tutorial. You can find that tutorial in my Etsy shop.

If you already have the blossom album tutorial you can send me a message via Etsy. Please name that you have already purchased the tutorial and you would like the instructions for this version also name the email address where the file can be send.

I hope you love this album as much as I do! Happy crafting!