Waterfall Album

After I came home, from a trip to my local scrapbook store, with only one 12×12″ paper pack of the Stamperia Sea Dream collection I knew I had to come up with a project that could be done with that one paper pack. That project turned out to be this waterfall album.

This album is 9×7″ with a 1.25″ spine. If you want a bit more room for embellishments or layering you can very easily increase your spine with a 0.25″ or 0.50″ without having to do any adjustments to other pieces.

With all the beautiful but larger images in these collections I wanted to make a design that showcased the paper but still gives enough room for photos. To achieve this I worked with pockets only on the page so you can place loose photos and still enjoy the paper. The design is a mirrored album from front to back, with a waterfall for full size photos on the front and back inside cover and a page in the middle that also has the same design on both sides.

The waterfall element can hold up to 11 full size photos in both directions. You can choose for yourself what the best layout is for your photos. If you want to make it work with one paper pack only, it’s important to not cover the whole flap with patterned paper but place a small piece next to the photo. The other important factor of doing this is that you will keep the bulk down!

At the bottom of the waterfall I’ve created a pocket that can hold an additional set of photos. In the album I did a continuous pattern decorating technique to keep as much as I could from these beautiful images. Also on this bottom part of the waterfall I used this technique and with the convenient measurements of these elements I could use one 12×12″ sheet to do both elements.

In the middle of the page we have again a mirrored image with a flap and stacked pockets to hold more photos. This beautiful whale was the perfect paper to use on this large area. On the inside I went for a “calmer” paper to prevent it from looking cluttered. On the inside of the flaps a designated area for a photo. The sea turtle that is just peaking over the photo is probably my favorite thing in this album.

You want to get even a better view of this album? You can watch the Project share here.

Do you like what you see?
You want to create this album for yourself?
You can! Grab your free cutting guide via the download button and follow along with the tutorials on my YouTube channel. There will be two parts for making this album, part 1 where we make the base and the waterfall element. Part 2 where we make the page. In both videos I did my best to also show you how I tackled some of the decorating.