Vagabond Memory Box – By Paul Ford

I made the memory box designed by Paul Ford using the Stamperia Vagabond collection.

This project is so much fun to create!! And a perfect way of using the Stamperia paper collections that often have those large images. After seeing the version that Paul made with the amazonia collection I was sold on this project.

Paul uses bookbinding tape to construct his boxes, or actually construction tape. This makes the construction of your box so much easier! I don’t enjoy having to make all those cardstock hinges for construction and using the tape takes that pain away! On top of that the finish of the box is great because the tape is very forgiving.

After the hard work of the box you can start on all the different inserts / wallets that fit perfectly inside the box. Tackling one piece at a time you start on filling up your box with amazing small projects.

The Vagabond collections have a lot of large images that’s why I started out with deciding which images I wanted to use on what project. I started with the large wallet and played around with one of the designs from the lady vagabond collection. The Cat was actually on the left side of the paper and I brought it to the right side to go on the closing flap.

Next up I knew I wanted to use two large images from the Sir Vagabond collection and keep them in tact as much as I could. For that I’ve used them on the V shaped wallets.

Then I had this large but thinner version of Sir Vagabond and thought it would work perfect on the Slider wallet, although Sir Vagabond had to be beheaded for it…

Next to the slider wallet in the box I have the flip book. A small and quick book for several full size photos. This one comes together so quick!

And then I had this super large image of Lady Vagabond and I didn’t really knew how I could make it work. So after some thinking I decided to make a large version of the flip book, same concept only larger. In this way I could keep the complete image.

As soon as I saw the vintage map paper in the collection I knew I wanted to use it on the angled stacked pocket wallets. I think this turned out really great!

Finally I made the side closing wallets with this amazing image. Again it was so large and I didn’t want to loose to much of it. So I struggled in how to use it. Finally I decided to ad an extra flap to the design so that I had a bit more play area. Although I love how Paul designed these wallets I’m happy that I used those extra inches.

I love how this project turned out! And I absolutely recommend making one for yourself!

I have a walk through video on my YT channel for this project.

You can find the playlist for the tutorials on Paul’s YT channel here.