Small folio #1

This folio is a spin off from the home folio I’ve posted earlier this year. These folio’s are perfect for using your 6×6″ papers. On this folio I used the Coffee and Friends collection by Echo park paper.

On this folio I’ve created an insert on both sides of the cover that you can remove from the folio. This creates extra photo space but also makes the folio a little smaller when you flip through it.

I tried to place mostly full seize photos in this folio to show that even though it’s a small folio you still are able to place quite some full seize (6×4″ or 10x15cm) photos in this folio.
I recommend to round of the corners of the inserts on the side to prevent damaging the corners when inserting it in the folio. I’ve used the We R Memorykeepers corner punch with the 3/8″ radius.

Both sides of the folio are the same, they are only mirrored from each other. I’ve added some flaps for photo space and some pockets to place smaller photos. If you prefer to place full seize photos you could leave the stacked pocket out and place a photo instead. In between the photo flaps I’ve created a small belly band out of the patterned paper to hold some smaller photos and a journal card.

I hardly used any embellishments in the folio because I felt the papers where enough. This folio came together really quick and is easy to assemble. This will make for a perfect (last minute) gift.

If you are interested in making the folio you can download the cutting guide via the download button. On my YT channel you can find a project share video and a tutorial for constructing the folio.