Not quite 8″ x 8″ mini album

This album was born after wanting to make an 8″ x 8″ album, however to optimize the photo opportunity I decided to make it slightly larger. So not quite 8″ x 8″.

My goal was to design the album in a way no additional closures, like magnets, needed to be added. If you do prefer to use magnets of course it’s still a possibility.

For my own take on the album of course I had to ad acetate just because I could. On the inside cover I repeated a feature from the I Am… mini album for the only reason that I loved it so much and it felt perfect in this album.

Also on the angled flaps on the back of the page I added acetate, this was a vision I had from the beginning and I feel it really adds to the look of the page. However decorating it with the patterned paper was pretty hard at times, so my advise on that one: make a template!

The album gives opportunity for both, showing off the beautiful papers and designated area’s for photo’s. In this album I’ve used the digital paper collection “Ladies who lunch” by paper phenomenon.

This album you can purchase as a blank album so you only need to do the decoration part. For more information click here. Or you can purchase the tutorial and make it from scratch, for more information on that click here.

Complete walk trough video: Not quite 8″ x 8″ mini album

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