My take on…

The Crafty companion by jenofeve designs

I would like to share this project with you for several reasons. first of all it’s a great project to make. This is the kind of project that you will actually use after creating it! Of course we could run to our favorite craft store and buy something similar, but where is the fun in that? We are crafters after all.

I created the crafty work station, which is one of the three main projects that you can create when you purchase the crafty companion templates. What brings me to the second reason for sharing this with you. I did a little change up on the crafty mini racks that go on top. in stead of creating 3 mini racks I created a tool holder. To accomplish this I used the “crafty mini racks base medium” template to make the bottom following the steps as shown down bellow:

And for the sides I traced the “crafty mini racks back medium” template four times. This will make that my tool holder is the same height as the other mini racks and give it a cohesive look. I made a large an small size mini rack to go with the tool holder.

On the right side of the work station I created an area that will hold my longer tools like my ruler. For this I used the “crafty tray medium base” template twice for the front and back. The “crafty tray side panel C” template twice for the sides. And the “crafty tray medium front/back C” for the bottom. For the construction I followed the instructions for the “crafty cubbie”. After the construction I glued the whole piece on the right side of the work station.

For decoration I used a paper pad by recollections “animal prints”. This is a pretty bold paper, however it really works for me on this project. On the “crafty trays” or as I call them the drawers, I used the fast hitchers by Tim Holtz.

If you are interrested in creating this project you can find the complete tutorial playlist on jenofeve designs youtube channel.